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CUSTOMERS is a discount room reservation service focused exclusively on Winnipeg hotels. We provide information on the hotels in Winnipeg along with reviews, photos and maps. We offer discount hotel rooms from the cheapest hotels in Winnipeg to the best hotels in Winnipeg. provides the added convenience of our...     More provides the added convenience of our Winnipeg Hotel Deals page. This is a listing of the Winnipeg hotel discounts and details of the hotel deals in Winnipeg such as free breakfast and buffets being included with your reservation. You can also view maps of Winnipeg and surrounding areas to help you decide where to stay. Use the Low to High price sort to see the cheap hotel rooms in Winnipeg first and then work your way upward. All this in one convenient place! The i4winnipeg one-page booking form makes booking your Winnipeg hotel reservation fast and easy. You will receive your confirmation within moments.
If you have questions or would like assistance in finding the Winnipeg room deal that is perfect for your vacation, call 1-800-803-4644 to speak with a Winnipeg Reservation Specialist. We Have an EYE for Winnipeg Hotels!
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